Case Study – Multinational chain of coffeehouses engages 1,000 KOCs to drive awareness about new product line

January 25, 2021

A multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves, promoting a new product line coupled with a series of eco-friendly fashion items, was seeking for a smart approach to engage environmentally conscious consumers, drive social advocacy and inspire sales.

Core Objective: 

  • To identify and activate environmentally conscious advocates for the brand
  • To spark user-generated-content (UGC) featuring the brand’s new product line on a targeted social media
  • To amplify the message of the brand’s new product line
  • To inspire purchase consideration

What we did:

  • Leveraged PJdaren community and hyper-targeting capabilities to identify the ideal advocates (KOCs) for the campaign
  • Through the PJdaren app, educated selected members about the brand’s new product line, its features and harmony with the environment.  
  • Ignited an influx of user-generated-content
  • Reported campaign performance in real-time through the PJdaren brand dashboard

About 评价达人 – PJdaren:

评价达人 – PJdaren helps some of the world’s largest brands to engage Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) with end-to-end solutions to build trust and drive sales in China. 评价达人 provides brands with a powerful engagement platform to inspire sub-segments of its community of Key Opinion Consumers to create authentic content and conversations in the places that matter most and at scale. 评价达人 leverage the power of human interaction to help brands build trust, collect valuable market insights, and boost sales.