#StrategyTalks: The Guide to IHUT Research – Part 1

23 February 2022

We apologise for stating the obvious, but…product testing is one of the most valuable tools for brands to better understand their target market and optimise their products for increased market acceptance.

You might ask, “why does my product need to be tested? It’s already very successful.” However, one of the secrets of a product’s continued success is regularly-scheduled IHUT. The market is always changing. New trends, needs and consumption patterns are constantly emerging. And products need to be adjusted and updated to stay relevant and necessary.

Simply put, if you don’t regularly test and improve your products, at some point your brand is likely to lose market share, either to brands that diligently test their products, or to newer and better products entering the market.

Among product testing methods, IHUT is the gift that keeps on giving for brands that wish to deliver the most appreciated product experiences and increase market penetration. Successful brands leverage IHUT either to prepare new products for the market or to understand a new market better before importing existing products. In this guide, you’ll learn what IHUT is and why your brand should embrace it.

Before we get into what IHUT can do for you, let’s first talk about what IHUT is.

IHUT stands for In-Home Usage Testing. As the name suggests, IHUT takes place in the test participant’s natural habitat. With IHUT, product samples are shipped to each tester, either labelled or unlabelled depending on the needs of the test. The testers are then given a specified period of time to use the product, after which they are asked to provide detailed feedback on their thoughts regarding packaging design, product design, ease of use and other aspects of the user experience.

In order to understand why IHUT is the preferred method of product testing, let’s first take a look at CLT, or Central Location Testing, another commonly used product testing format.

With CLT testing, all test participants are monitored together in the same space and the brand has more control over the testing process in general: outside conditions and influences are eliminated, each tester and their body language are closely observed in person, and all testers experience the product in an equal, constant environment. However, CLT does not take into account each individual’s unique usage environments. This diminishes the robustness of test results, giving brands only a portion of the user experience picture.

IHUT provides a complete cross section of user experience. offers many advantages compared to Central Location Testing (CLT). For starters, IHUT allows for an in-home testing environment. This is a significant edge over CLT, because in-home testing allows for the most realistic usage scenarios. When real consumers actually purchase your product, more likely than not they will be using that product under their own unique, individual circumstances.

The process of a typical IHUT testing regimen

IHUT is designed to help brands make more informed product decisions. With IHUT, your brand will get a clearer idea of how your product will be received by consumers in the market. This is crucial for understanding how your products need to be modified to increase its likelihood of success once released. Whether you’re redesigning an existing product, releasing a new product, or entering a new market altogether, IHUT is your investigative pal.

Product testing is a must for continued success in the marketplace. Whether you are a brand preparing to introduce a new product into the market, a veteran brand whose products have been sold for years, or a brand entering a new market for the first time, IHUT is your guide to understanding your target audience before releasing a product.

Tune in next week for Part 2 of this series, where we take you through the different techniques for conducting IHUT and how you should leverage them!

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