Taobao Guangguang: The Lean, Mean Seeding Machine

07 July 2022

It’s already July — half of the year has gone by. In China e-commerce, this means the two major shopping festivals of the latter half of 2022 are coming up – the Qixi Festival (a.k.a. Chinese Valentine’s Day) in August, and Double Eleven in November. As a brand, you face excruciating competition from  global counterparts as well as increasingly stronger domestic brands. But there is a way for you to stand out. How? The answer is social commerce.We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: China is a highly social market. This means a high reliance on social media to find product information. Combined with the extremely high competition amongst brands on China’s e-commerce platforms, it is imperative for brands to maintain visibility across social media to stay fresh and relevant in the minds of target consumers.

This is where Taobao Guangguang comes in to carry your brand through the last stretch of the customer journey.

First of all, what is Taobao Guangguang?

The location of Taobao Guangguang within the Taobao app

Taobao Guangguang is Alibaba’s response to social challengers such as Xiaohongshu and Douyin. This social commerce functionality was integrated into the Taobao app in 2021 as the convergence of social and e-commerce proliferated across China. Furthermore, Taobao relies on inbound traffic from third party social platforms for the majority of its user traffic. With Douyin and Xiaohongshu at the frontline of the social commerce revolution, Alibaba has been seeking to stake out its spot at the table with Taobao Guangguang.

Taobao Guangguang was developed as an additional option for consumers to find out more product information at a stage when they have already established intent to purchase. This provides an excellent opportunity for brands to deliver engaging, thoughtful content to prospective consumers through official channels as well as through carefully vetted KOLs and KOCs. We have seen and developed actual cases in which Taobao Guangguang helped inspire confidence in consumers and solidify decisions to purchase.

Not long ago, we were approached by a skincare brand that wanted to increase customer traffic and purchase volume at its Taobao store. Our strategy team executed a KOC campaign dedicated to Taobao Guangguang. This campaign consisted of 50 top-tier KOCs, 50 mid-tier KOCs, 80 micro KOCs and 590 general consumers, and lasted a total of six weeks.

As the graph above indicates, the Taobao Guangguang campaign helped increase the average daily traffic to the brand’s Tmall store by nearly double. 15 days after the conclusion of this campaign, the average daily traffic was still 33% greater compared to before.

As the Qixi Festival and Double Eleven roll around the corner, purchase decisions on Tmall will have a crucial impact on your brand performance during the world’s largest shopping festival. This is where Taobao Guangguang comes in handy.

Inspiring Purchase Consideration this Double Eleven with Taobao Guangguang

“What should I buy during Double Eleven?” is probably the question Chinese consumers ask themselves the most during this time of the year. During the buildup to the start of Double Eleven pre-sales, from 1 October through 20 October, Taobao has released a new in-app content marketing tool called the Guangguang Seeding Machine (逛逛种草机) to help consumers answer that question. Guangguang is an existing content channel where merchants, KOLs, KOCs, and general consumers can publish short blog posts to recommend products. So, what difference does the new functionality bring to this channel then?

Firstly, KOL and KOC content is more emphasised on the home page, and we have access to 3 types of trend ranking: by topic, by brand, and by influencer. The content is more focused on short videos and live-streaming, matching the current marketing trend of entertainment marketing.

Secondly, the experience is more interactive for users with tasks to complete, for example reading 15 posts or sharing a link to a friend, which in turn will give you access to a lottery up to four times per day. These lotteries reward coupons to increase purchasing power and provide incentives for consumers to empty their shopping carts.

Lastly, a public benefit message was also associated with the Taobao Guangguang Seeding Machine. In 2021, Alibaba converted the “seeding energy” (i.e. sharing and engaging with content and participating in lotteries) into donations to provide habitat protection for Asian Elephants.

With Taobao Guangguang, brands can help consumers discover new products to add to their watchlist in preparation for the coming discount, by providing them with easier access to recommendations from KOLs, KOCs and fellow consumers without having to leave the Taobao app. This will go a long way in facilitating purchase decisions and activity during the last touchpoint of the customer journey.

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