PJdaren - User Generate Content - Influence in China

April 15, 2021

User-Generated-Content (UGC) and product reviews play an influential role within Chinese Consumer’s decision making process when shopping across categories. Such influence is more significant among apparel, personal accessories, travel, beauty and personal care.

Here are some key statistics you should now:

💡 Chinese Consumers researching UGC and Product reviews when purchasing, by category:

✔ 80.7% Beauty and Personal Care
✔ 86.1% Apparel and Personal Accessories
✔ 85.9 % Travel
✔ 70.9% Small Consumers Electronics
✔ 56.5% Large Consumers Electronics

💡 Consumers who shop online for leisure at least weekly:

📌 44% Among Chinese Consumers
📌 18% Among worldwide consumers

💡 Consumers who rely on UGC and Product reviews when purchasing skin care products:

📌 81% Among Chinese consumer
📌 38% Among worldwide consumer

About 评价达人 – PJdaren:

评价达人 – PJdaren helps some of the world’s largest brands to engage Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) with end-to-end solutions to build trust and drive sales in China. 评价达人 provides brands with a powerful engagement platform to inspire sub-segments of its community of Key Opinion Consumers to create authentic content and conversations in the places that matter most and at scale. 评价达人 leverage the power of human interaction to help brands build trust, collect valuable market insights, and boost sales.