Top 10 Dermocosmetics Brands Ranked by MPV® (Q3 ’22)

30 November 2022

Last week, PJdaren published our Double Eleven results report, analysing platform data across China to understand the latest consumption trends facing the Chinese market and marketing best practices for global brands to survive among increasing domestic competition. In the report, we reviewed the impacts of prior shopping experiences as well as socioeconomic factors on performance during this year’s Double Eleven shopping festival.

As consumers in China are moving towards healthy lifestyles, the desire to feel and look good has become more prominent than ever, leading to significant growth of China’s dermocosmetics market, a segment that has recorded double-digit growth over the past 5 years. Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly aware and mindful of the ingredients used in skincare products, wary in particular of harmful chemicals that could potentially cause damage. This has led the beauty and skincare industry to align itself more closely with healthcare, resulting in the rapidly expanding dermocosmetics sector.

Today, we will take a closer look at the dermocosmetics category specifically to identify the top 10 brands, new trends and best practice case studies. Functional skincare, as a subset of the greater beauty and skincare industry, has seen an increased interest among Chinese consumers. In fact, it is a major area of interest for the rising male beauty market segment in China.

In this article, you’ll learn: 

  1. Top 10 Dermocosmetics Brands by MPV®
  2. Top 10 Dermocosmetics Posts by MPV®
  3. SkinCeuticals: Share of Voice and Top 5 Posts by MPV®

Top 10 Dermocosmetics Brands by MPV®

SkinCeuticals claimed its place as the top dermocosmetics brand in China in Q3 2022. The brand garnered over ¥176.9M in MPV®, leading the L’Oreal Group premium skincare portfolio. Following SkinCeuticals, we see La Roche-Posay following behind at a close second with ¥160.8M in MPV®. La Roche-Posay’s performance was strongly influenced by Douyin influencer @崔佳楠 with 8.1M followers and ¥5.2M in MPV®. Biotherm ranked third with ¥146.1M in MPV® and particularly strong performance with KOCs on Xiaohongshu.

Top 10 Dermocosmetics Posts by MPV®

Above, we analysed the top 10 placements by MPV® within dermocosmetics specifically to identify the types of content that resonate the deepest with the target audiences of this sector. SkinCeuticals and Peterson’s Lab were by far the two best performing brands when it comes to influencer social content in the dermocosmetics sector.

The key to success for both brands lied in the way they expertly leveraged KOLs and KOCs across the social media platforms that matter most to consumers of dermocosmetics, in particular on Douyin.

  • SkinCeuticals’ success came largely from its KOL and KOC selection, which saw the brand recruit a large proportion of KOCs to create authentic lifestyle content with concise captions and post copy, mentioning the brand and the advantages offered by its products.
  • The top-performing posts for Peterson’s Lab were more campaign-oriented. Most posts took the form of comparisons and skincare tutorials targeting specific skin conditions. Some posts featured limited-edition product packaging from Peterson’s Lab’s cross-brand collaboration with Pepe the Frog, with many remarking how funny the designs were.

While Peterson’s Lab accounted for three of the top-10 best-performing social placements, the brand was not part of the top 5 best-performing dermocosmetics brands. This shows that in order to win in a category, brands must go beyond recruiting a few top-tier KOls and having a few high-performing posts, and focus on developing a more nuanced omni-channel influencer and social commerce strategy.

SkinCeuticals: Share of Voice and Top 5 Posts by MPV®

SkinCeuticals was the number one brand in terms of MPV® within dermocosmetics in Q3 2022. The brand also appeared within the top-10 overall dermocosmetics placements above, accounting for 5 of the top-10 performing posts. The brand also leveraged a high-quantity strategy with its social activations. The total number of placements for SkinCeuticals was more than 30% higher than that of La Roche-Posay, for instance.

In addition, SkinCeuticals boasted a strong performance through Douyin KOCs compared to other top-performing brands that leaned more heavily on Xiaohongshu and Weibo specifically. The brand also garnered a significant share of MPV® from Douyin, especially when it comes to influencers from all tiers mentioning the brand and its products.

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