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By PJdaren / January 7, 2021

Private Traffic Glossary – VOL. 1

The growing challenges faced by brands looking to thrive in China’s massive online retail market, coupled with the rising sophistication of Chinese consumers and their appetite for innovation and personalization has fueled the development of Private Domain Traffic or Private Traffic as a business-wide strategy.

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By PJdaren / December 28, 2020

PJdaren – 2020 Year in Review

Throughout the year, at PJdaren we navigated with agility by strategically shifting and accelerating core elements across our business. During this uncertain time, we stand firm in our values and commitments to our clients, colleagues and partners.

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By PJdaren / October 31, 2020

UGC – Lancôme asks 1000 consumers to share reviews online

Lancôme selected women aged 18 to 60 with different skin types and lifestyles. After using the product, the random selection of testers were asked to give their honest opinion.

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By PJdaren / October 31, 2020

7 Tips to Drive More UGC with Product Sampling Campaigns

By now, most business understand that User Generated Content (UGC) and reviews are a powerful tool to drive traffic, conversion and insights. One effective way to quickly collect more of this powerful content is seeding your products in your target audience through sampling programs. Product sampling campaigns are a quick and effective way for brands to increase consumers’ endorsement in social media and review content for both new and existing products.

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By PJdaren / May 22, 2020

KOC: Brand Co-creators

Key Opinion Customers are basically your everyday consumers. Their primary value lies in their relatability and trustworthiness. KOCs are experts when it comes to product testing and giving their honest opinions as well as recommendations regarding the said products. As such, KOCs are especially good at driving advocacy and brand consideration. For today’s consumers who are bombarded with all sorts of advertisement on a daily basis, this unvarnished approach is extremely appealing and influential in affecting their purchasing decisions.

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By PJdaren / October 23, 2019

KOC: What They Are & How they drive higher business outcomes?

KOC: What They Are & How they drive higher business outcomes? October 23, 2019 Influencer marketing has been one of...

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By PJdaren / September 5, 2019

The Rise of China’s Lower Tier Cities

Current economic trends and demographic data indicate that China’s lower-tier cities will be the new drives of consumption and economy growth as middle-class benefits from an increase in disposable incomes and broader access to products and services. Lower-tier cities also benefit from relatively lower housing costs, effectively unleashing consumption potential on more discretionary items.

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By PJdaren / August 21, 2019

Why is Word of Mouth Marketing So Important in China?

Why is Word of Mouth Marketing So Important in China? August 21, 2019 When measuring the effectiveness of a marketing...

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